Sunday, November 23, 2014

Why Saif Ali Khan is my new fav personality

No,  I'm not smitten! But I watched the movie Happy Ending last evening and I'm thinking 'Saif is really cool'. I mean, sure he didn't have much worth talking about until recently, yet now he seems to be doing everything right!
From Go Goa Gone to getting married to Kareena to looking great for his age and being a really creative actor - producer; he surely knows where he's headed. And he does all this being suave without flaunting his nawaab status. Neither does the Khan display the quirks of a perfectionist Amir,  the intellectually arrogant Shah Rukh or the 'all giving' bhai Salman. He's the cool guy who you can hang around with. (Appy Fizz, good choice).

So when do I get smitten? When Saif does 3 great movies in a row (and bar movies like Bullet Raja and Humshakals) and leans to philanthropy (à la Leo DiCaprio).

Till then, let's watch out for more fun.

PS - I know this is not the best blog post comeback, but something is better than nothing, right?

Friday, April 25, 2014

First Draft

What if I read the first draft?

The first draft of your book. Or your presentation slides. The first draft of your ideas? Okay, how about that random email you've written?

Unpolished, uncleaned, unrefined. Real. Unclear, maybe.

Yet, more real. More intuitive. Less elaborate, less fake. More YOU.

I want to read your first draft.