Monday, September 26, 2011

The stuffed piggy-bank

The stuffed piggy-bank,
He makes no sound.
He's bright and shiny
All year round.

He stands atop a pedestal
Out of reach.
How well to behave
Is what he can teach.

The empty piggy-bank
He's upto no good.
Tattered and broken
He's got bad looks.

With a grim face
He sits at a table,
he'll make so much noise
Even with a wiggle.

So which piggy you got?
Would you want to exchange?
The one on the table
Is for you to blame.

Trade it now
For the one that seems happy.
The one that will
Always remain sappy.

Trade it now
For the one that brings more health
The one that will
Always be in the pink of health.
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Friday, September 23, 2011

Imagining your World

They say Music makes the world go round.
Just like, Technology brings the world together. Money can make you buy the world. Love can save the world. Education can make the world wiser. Imagine a world without these things. No music, no technology, no money, no love and no education. Imagine yourself staring into a void. Suddenly, the focus starts moving away from the world and at yourself. Now its time for you to build your world. Fill it with whatever you want. That's where your life begins and the mediocre ends.